Sunday, 7 January 2007

Super Sunday

This year-listing lark is harder than it looks. After eagerly awaiting the weekend, Saturday was a washout, and today much the same. I finally lost patience at 1pm and drove off to Staunton Harold Reservoir in search of the juvenile Great Northern Diver that's been hanging around there. No sign, but there were plenty of other good birds, and I went on to Willington Gravel Pits to finish. Lots of wildfowl, including my favourite duck, the always comic Shoveler. Then, just as I turned away to head back to the car at dusk, a male Goosander came in low to land on the nearest pit. Even with no sun, its white breast, tinged with a sort of salmon-pink/orangey hue, absolutely shone. Much more satisfying than any number of ticks on a list.

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