Saturday, 24 September 2011

Derwent Poetry Festival 2011

Having mentioned Clive Allen's poetry yesterday, I received details of this year's Derwent Poetry Festival, held at Masson Mills, Matlock Bath, on November 11th-13th, and noticed that he's reading on the Saturday.

It's a great little festival, run by Templar. I went to the first a few years back, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but have been away for each one since. The diary looks all clear this year, though, so I should make it to the Saturday, at least.

Quite apart from the festival's attractions, and the natural beauty of the Derbyshire countryside, there's the wonderful Scarthin Books just round the corner in Cromford, too. 


Anonymous said...

See you in Matlock Matt, I will be there to read a poem from the new Templar anthology :)

Matt Merritt said...

Ah, excellent! Looking forward to it.

Aisling Tempany said...

I'm also reading from the anthology, but in the morning on the Saturday, hope to meet you there.